Pai Mu Dan


Step into a foggy white peony garden to evoke a feeling, a memory or a song in your heart. Fresh, uplifting, and oh so tasty. Pai Mu Tan, known as White Peony ("Pai" means white, and "Mu Tan" means peony), has large white downy leaves, is a delicious tea that made from a mixture of both the new buds and whole leaves. Hand plucked and sun withered. The tea has minimal processing with no rubbing or frying, making it one of the most natural teas available, therefore contains the least amount of natural caffeine, and the most health benefits (Rich in Antioxidants). This makes the tea soothing and gentle.

White peony has a delicate flowery taste, with a clean, fresh aroma and a smooth velvety flavor. This tea has a fuller flavor than white tea made from only buds. We love the way the liquor is golden and bright. More to love, it simply transforms a cup to something truly feminine and amazing. It is a great introduction to white teas.

❤ Luxury Ingredient: Premium White Tea

❤ Net Weight: 40g

❤ Makes approx. 12-15 Cups


Our luxury loose leaf teas are carefully blended & packaged by hand within 24 hours prior to shipping. The teas are packaged in an air tight resealable pouch to ensure freshness and long shelf life.

Directions for steeping tea:
★ Place 1 -2 teaspoon of tea in the tea filter
★ Heat fresh (preferably filtered) water to 175°F (80°C)
★ Allow to steep 4 - 6 minutes for full flavor
★ 1 teaspoon makes an 8 ounce cup of tea
★ White tea is quite delicious and refreshing without any sweetener