Hibiscus Herbal

// queen of tarts //

When life gives you lemons, reach for this zippy hot red blend.

Hibiscus teas have been enjoyed for centuries by people all across the world including Egypt, Cambodia and the Caribbean. Consumed for its flavor and other benefits, the sepals of the hibiscus plant, Hibiscus sabdariffa, create a deep red infusion that's well-loved for its tangy sweetness and cooling effect on the body.

Many cultures drink hibiscus teas to:
✓ quiet the mind and calm the nerves
✓ mark special occasions
✓ stay hydrated and refreshed

❤ It’s loaded with tangy hibiscus flowers, which bring their signature deep red color and lip-puckering taste.

❤ Unbelievably delicious any way you drink it. Served hot, it’s a tart and tasty throat soother. On ice, it’s an addictively tangy summer refresher.

❤ Luxury Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers

❤ Net Weight: 40g

❤ Makes approx. 12-15 Cups


Our luxury loose leaf teas are carefully blended & packaged by hand within 24 hours prior to shipping. The teas are packaged in an air tight resealable pouch to ensure freshness and long shelf life.

Directions for steeping tea:
★ Place 1 teaspoon of tea in the tea filter
★ Boil fresh (preferably filtered) water
★ Brew 5-10 minutes for full flavor, or to desired taste
★ 1 teaspoon makes an 8 ounce cup of tea
Try it hot or iced with a large slice of orange or lemon, or three slices of fresh juicy peaches. Sweeten to taste.