Dragonwell (also known as Lung Ching) is one of China's most famous green teas, originating from Hangzhou in Zhejiang province.

❤ H a n d - P i c k e d:
Incredible as it seems, each of the leaves are hand plucked and meticulously pressed in a hot wok over and over until the ideal temperature, shape and flavor are reached. Perfection in every cup

❤ T a s t e: Vegetal green flavors with toasty finish

❤ Luxury Ingredient: Premium Green Tea

❤ Net Weight: 40g

❤ Makes approx. 12-15 Cups


Our luxury loose leaf teas are carefully packaged by hand within 24 hours prior to shipping. The teas are packaged in an air tight resealable pouch to ensure freshness and long shelf life.

★ Directions for steeping tea:
// Place 1 teaspoon of tea in the tea filter (makes 8 oz)

★ First Steep: 185°F (85°C) for 5 mins

// Distinct Lung Ching vegetal taste, with a mild toasty finish. The nut flavors are not pronounced with this particular variety, and instead smokey/toasty. Flavors are consistent, and smooth from the initial sip.

★★ Second Steep: 185°F (85°C) for 7 mins

// Steep the loose leaves longer to fully extract its flavors. The second steep tastes like the first, dialing back on the distinct Lung Ching vegetal taste.