Recipe Iced Strawberry Green Tea

Iced Green Tea Recipe: Strawberry Blonde strawberry blonde iced green tea

With summer in full swing, cool down with one of our favorite iced tea recipes. Today we're brewing strawberry iced green tea. The strong notes of strawberry and lemon compliment our iced green tea providing a healthy drink packed with antioxidants and vitamins to beat that summer heat. 


Brewing iced green tea is both rewarding and easy. For your first batch, keep to a 1:1 ratio of tea grams to oz of water used. Green teas are milder in flavor than black teas, so the higher tea ratio is needed to punch through those added flavors. 

perkse-strawberry-green-teaI prefer to brew iced teas in mason jars. They not only look great, but teas cool quicker in glass. Figure out how many jars you'll need and begin to boil your water. As the water boils, add 1:1 ratio of tea to boiled water into your mason jar. Let the boiled water cool for 5-6 minutes and try to pour the hot water down the sides of the glass. Directly pouring hot water on tea can remove some of the delicate flavors.


TIP: You extract more flavors brewing tea without the use of tea filters. That's not always possible when looking after kids, so use our tea filters in a pinch.

Our teas act as natural sweeteners so adding sugar is not needed. For those that prefer a sweeter iced tea, add sugar while the water is hot and stir the granulated sugar until it completely dissolves.

When steeping tea, add an extra minute or two to give it a stronger tea profile. The added bitterness from over steeping is negated by the sweetness of the strawberries and added lemons. To mix things up, try making a secondary batch with the tea leaves in the jar. Tea flavors are more pronounced and quite a unique tasting experience.

Add lemon slices after the sugar is dissolved and continue to stir. Leave the tea to cool at room temperature and throw the green teas into your fridge to cool. Wait time varies, but 20 minutes should do the trick. If you're in a hurry and dying of thirst, add ice cubes to cool quicker and enjoy. 

The picture above was shot right after they were pulled out of the cooler. If you run out, re-use your existing teas to make repeated servings. Just add hot water, add a little bit of extra tea, some brown sugar, back in the fridge for 20 minutes and they'll come out just as good as the first. Frequent steeping of existing teas bring out unique flavors which is worth trying. 

Treat your body and your taste buds to a healthy drink that even your kids will love. Using real tea leaves to make iced tea is the healthiest way to go. Our teas are not only high in antioxidants but a great source of natural vitamin C derived from our freeze dried fruits.

Stay cool and hydrated this summer, it's going to get hot!