Passion Fruit Iced Tea Cube Recipe

Passion Fruit Iced Tea Cube Recipeiced-tea-cubes-passion-fruit

Add a splash of tea flavor to your favorite drink using our iced tea cube recipe. Making iced tea cubes is quite easy. Instead of refrigerating your iced teas, freeze them. Deliciously flavored ice cubes not only cool your drink, but adds great flavor to them as well. They also serve as a healthy frozen treat packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

Ingredients per ice cube:

0.75g of passion fruit black tea
1 oz of hot water
slices of fresh lemon
slices of fresh oranges
sugar (optional)

Count out how many Ice cubes you'll be making (standard ice trays measure 1 oz per ice cube).Measure out how much passion fruit tea you'll need.When the boiled water comes to a slight cool, infuse tea with water and have it steeped for 8 minutes.Optionally, add sugar if you prefer a sweeter taste and stir continuously until most sugars are dissolved.Add your fresh lemon and orange slices and continue to stir during that 8 minute steep window.Strain out contents, fill them into your ice tray and freeze.The only thing left is to serve over you favorite drink and enjoy!