Guide: How To Select The Right Coffee Grind

Why is the right coffee grind important?

Choosing the right coffee grind is extremely important in brewing a great cup of coffee. With so many brewing methods available it can get confusing. Below is a general coffee guideline for brewing coffee based on your preferred method of brewing.

coffee grind comparison coarse fine Coarse Grind

Cold Brew

French Press

Medium Grind

Chemex Brewer

Drip Pots

Hario v60

Fine Grind Espresso, Turkish Coffee


How Do Coffee Grinds Affect Taste?

Hot water passes through coffee grinds to extract coffee. Grinds that are too coarse will not hold water long enough to extract and often lead to a diluted cup of coffee on pour overs such as the Chemex and Hario. Too fine a grind and the water acts as a barrier preventing water to flow through. When water pools on top of coffee grinds, they become over extracted and add an undesirable bitter taste to your coffee. Even worse when they are too fine and prevent water to pass through all together, forcing water out the sides of your filter.


The photo on the right is an example of using too fine a grind in a Chemex pour over.

In addition to coffee pooling, when you continue to add more water, the grinds thicken up to create a barrier and forces water through the sides of the filter leading to a very diluted cup of coffee.


When using too coarse of a coffee grind, the water passes right through your coffee as in the photo to the right.

This leads to very little extraction and a very diluted coffee.



Beginners Guide To Grinding Coffee

Use the coffee grind guide above as your starting point. Increment your coffee grinds to coarser or finer until you're happy with the end result. More can be found here