#Trending Tea | Dictators Love To Work Out and Drink Tea


Yepp, Even Russian Dictators Love To Drink Tea!

Vladimir Putin is seen working out, bbq'ing the grill and sipping tea. Kind of makes you wonder what North Korea's Kim Jung-un and other dictators do as part of their day-to-day? You know, in between killing their defense chief for falling asleep in meetings via anti-aircraft gun. Sounds excessive, but to a dictator, maybe he went easy on him? That's one more reason to drink coffee or strong black kenyan chai tea (your life might depend on it!).

Working Out and Drinking Tea

It's no secret, drinking tea is great for both pre and post workouts. The lower dosed caffeine provides just enough stimuli to increase your heart rate and aides in burning extra calories. Caffeine found in tea, also gives consumers a jolt of energy to help perform better during exercise. However, antioxidants found in various forms of tea actually slow down muscle recovery, and not recommended for weightlifters post work out.