August 31, 2015

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#Trending Tea | Dictators Love To Work Out and Drink Tea


Yepp, Even Russian Dictators Love To Drink Tea!

Vladimir Putin is seen working out, bbq'ing the grill and sipping tea. Kind of makes you wonder what North Korea's Kim Jung-un and other dictators do as part of their day-to-day? You know, in between killing their defense chief for falling asleep in meetings via anti-aircraft gun. Sounds excessive, but to a dictator, maybe he went easy on him? That's one more reason to drink coffee or strong black kenyan chai tea (your life might depend on it!).

Working Out and Drinking Tea

It's no secret, drinking tea is great for both pre and post workouts. The lower dosed caffeine provides just enough stimuli to increase your heart rate and aides in burning extra calories. Caffeine found in tea, also gives consumers a jolt of energy to help perform better during exercise. However, antioxidants found in various forms of tea actually slow down muscle recovery, and not recommended for weightlifters post work out.


June 20, 2015

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World Coffee 2015 World Barista Champion


Congratulations to the big winners in this years coffee barista championship at 2015 SCAA Event in Seattle.

The Speciality Coffee Association of America's annual coffee event, is a big one and held in the mecca of all coffee cities, Seattle Washington.

Top 5 Winners:

Champion: Sasa Sestic, Ona Coffee, Australia
2nd: Charles Babinski, Go Get'Em Tiger, USA
3rd: Ben Put, Monogram Coffee, Canada
4th: Chan Kwun Ho, The Cupping Room, Hong-Kong
5th: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Colonna & Smalls, United Kingdom

I've had the chance to try Monogram Coffee, and it was truly terrific. I'm looking forward to trying Ona Coffee, as we just ordered a few of their roasts after the event. 

For anyone wondering what a barista championship actually is, in a nutshell a competition of the worlds best baristas marked not only presentation and aesthetics, but taste as well. 

Barista Championship Guidelines

  • Brew 12 coffee drinks in 15 mins
  • Make 4 espresso drinks
  • Make 4 cappuccino drinks
  • Make 4 signature coffee based drinks (alcohol is not allowed)

They are graded and judged by four judges to determine and crown the best barista for 2015.

Past Winners*

  • 2014 Hidenori Izaki, Japan
  • 2013 Pete Licata, United States
  • 2012 Raúl Rodas, Guatemala
  • 2011 Alejandro Mendez, El Salvador
  • 2010 Michael Phillips, United States
  • 2009 Gwilym Davies, United Kingdom
  • 2008 Stephen Morrissey, Ireland
  • 2007 James Hoffmann, United Kingdom
  • 2006 Klaus Thomsen, Denmark
  • 2005 Trouls Overdahl Poulsen, Denmark
  • 2004 Tim Wendelboe, Norway
  • 2003 Paul Bassett, Australia
  • 2002 Fritz Storm, Denmark
  • 2001 Martin Hildebrandt, Denmark
  • 2000 Robert Thoresen, Norway

Looking at the previous winners, it really goes to show you that coffee aficionados are truly global and that coffee is loved world wide.

 *sourced from wikipedia

June 09, 2015

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David's Tea IPO a Success Raised $75 million

 Congratulations to David's Tea on a successful IPO launch. 

Sales of loose leaf teas continue to grow in North America and is one of the fastest trends. With good consumer education, this might finally be the time we catch up with the rest of the world in tea consumption and a healthy alternative to our caffeine fix.