Our Unique Loose Leaf Tea Blends

At Perkse, we blend our loose leaf teas with you in mind. We love tea. Unfortunately, popular branded teas use artificial flavors that go against teas natural theme. Unable to find artificially flavored free tea, we began blending our loose leaf teas at home. We slowly began to share our unique teas with others and the overwhelmingly positive responses have lead us to open our online loose leaf tea store.

What makes our loose leaf teas unique and flavorful, is our high quality ingredients. Freeze drying preserves and concentrates flavors better than traditional air drying. The process is less economical, but we spare no expense in delivering the best loose leaf tea experience to your home. We do not add refined sugars or artificial flavors to our teas.

Choose from a wide selection of loose leaf online teas ranging from green, black, white, oolong, rooibos, and herbal. Not only do loose leaf teas taste great, they are packed with antioxidants, and reduce risk of many diseases. At Perkse, we want to do our part in promoting healthy living, and choosing our unique tea blends is a positive step towards a healthier you.

Our loose leaf teas can be enjoyed year round. During cold winters we steep tea traditionally in hot water. Summers, we mix things up, and brew iced teas to keep us cool. Brewing iced teas is both simple, and convenient to make. We offer recipes and guides to brewing the perfect iced tea, recipes on food, making your own tea cleansers, and even gardening tips.

In addition to blending tea, we roast our own coffee beans. We roast select coffee beans on a Diedrich 2.5kg roaster. Our roaster is small, to ensure you get a personalized experience with our coffee roasts every time. 

All of our orders are processed and blended 24 hours prior to shipping. This is also the reason why we don't offer our products for wholesale. They are best served made to order, and shared among loved ones and friends. We are independent and love what we do.